• Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken keeps spreading the Lord's word.  This time on Easter Sunday 3/31/24 - here he is with his Dad Bill and Step Mom Cindy!




    • Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken is on fire bringing more people to Jesus!  Here he is with Tiffany.  Thank you, Dr. Ken!




    • Bahamas: Meet Aljunae, another strong Christian.  As I was walking out of the restaurant last night, our server Aljunae caught me to thank me for the blessings.  She told me she was going to sew it on her shirt for everyone to see!



    • Nassau, Bahamas: Meet Keiran from Nassau, Bahamas.  Keiran was our server on 3/28 at the Baha Mar and is a follower of Jesus Christ.  He said he was going to sew the patch on his working apron and keep spreading His word.




    •  Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken Schenk has been giving out our patches for the last 2-3 years.  Ken is a strong Christian and lives in Elkhorn, WI.  I asked him to start sending us pictures of the people he is helping bring to Jesus, so please meet Debbie!

    It is wonderful how the word of our Lord is spreading!  God bless you, Ken.




        • Key Largo, FL:  Meet Madelyn - Madelyn is a server at the Bungalows in Key Largo, FL.  She was our server on Saturday night 3/9/24 and of course I left her a patch when paying the bill.  The next day she saw us at the hotel and came up to us to thank us for the blessings.  She then asked if she could buy some patches and start giving them out.  She said she grew up with Jesus.  It's just amazing how Jesus works!



        • Marco Island, FL:  Meet Tammy - I went to the gas station tonight 2/29/24 to buy a lotto ticket and get gas.  When I pulled out my cash to pay her, she saw my patch.  She said, "I have one of those patches."  I said, "You do?  Where did you get it?"  She said, "Some guy was in here and just left it on the counter and walked out."  I told her that guy was me! She then said, "Praise our Lord Jesus Christ.  That is who we live for."  I then gave her another patch which she said she was going to sew it on her sweater.  Oh it's amazing how Jesus works.  He is always working!




        • Marco Island, FL:  Meet Kevin who is a server at Fin Bistro Restaurant on Marco Island. Again, after paying the bill, I installed one of my patches in the bill fold. When he opened it, he said "Sir, can I keep this?" Of course I said "yes, it is for you!"  He then asked me if I can wait a minute, and he returned with his wife and introduced her to JoAnn and I.  I then gave her, her own patch and she starting crying. Then Kevin asked how he can have some patches for himself and start passing them out.  Which I now am sending him.  Wonderful how Jesus works!



        • Marco Island, FL:  Meet Hori from Sale e Pepe restaurant on Marco Island.  Well again, after paying the bill Hori came back to the table and said, "I know I met you before.  You gave me a patch two years ago and I keep it in my backpack which I carry with me wherever I go."  He asked if he could iron on the new patch to the outside of his pack.  He said his life revolves around Jesus.  What a strong Christian and love for Jesus Christ.  So moving!




            • Marco Island, FL:  Please meet Rene - Rene runs the car wash on Marco Island.  I was in there yesterday 2/13/24 getting my car washed and went up to the counter to pay.  I reached into my pocket to pay her, and I carry my money around a rubber band.  Of course, I also have my Patches around the same band.  Well, when Rene saw the Patches she asked me to hold on one second, she then went into her purse and pulled out her wallet.  It turns out 3 years ago when I was in there, I gave her a patch.  She said to me, "I always wanted to meet the person who gave me this.  I wanted to thank them for this gift.  I never go anywhere without it."  I have to say no one has ever said to me, "Thank you for this gift," meaning a true gift from Jesus.  I told her it was not me but the Holy Spirit at work.  I then gave her a new patch with our website on it.  What a beautiful lady and beautiful child of Christ.  She then showed me the crosses she wears around her neck.





            • Goodland Island, FL:   Meet Jake from the Crabby Lady on Goodland Island. I was there for lunch today Friday 2/9/24 and when paying the bill of course I put in a patch into the billfold. Jake took the billfold and said goodbye and went into the restaurant. A few minutes later he came back out and asked who gave him the patch. I told him I did. He told me I gave him one last winter and he sewed it on his backpack because he is a hiker. He thanked me and told me he was going to add this to his backpack again. He carries it with him wherever he goes. He said this one he might sew on his wife's backpack.




            • Marco Island, FL:  Please meet Hayder, we were at the Marco Island Yacht Club having dinner and Hayder was our server. When he gave me our bill he said to us, “God Bless You “. Well, that stopped me in my tracks, and I asked him if he was a Christian. He told me he lives his life for Jesus. I just had to give him a patch, then when he looked at the patch he kissed it. How moving an experience. God bless you, Hayder. 



                • Marco Island, FL:  We were dining at DaVinci’s Restaurant last Saturday night 1/20/24 and this young man named Suray came up to our table. It turns out he served us 3 years ago and I gave him a patch. He said he keeps it in his bill fold and that he is a strong Christian and makes sure that he carries it with him each day. I noticed that the patch he had did not have our new website, so I gave him a new patch. He is now spreading Gods word. I also have added him to my daily devotional.  What a strong heart for our Lord Jesus.



                    • The Bahamas:  Here is another strong Christian story.
                    I was in the Bahamas and speaking with this lovely lady Christie, who was helping us book a restaurant.  When we finished, I left a patch on her desk, then JoAnn and I walked away and went to the front desk.  Christie came up to me and asked if I left this patch on her desk.  I told her yes, I did, and she started to cry.  She said she asked God that morning to give her a sign that He was still with her and not going through this world without Him.  She told me that our Lord sent me to her, and I told her I'm always working for him.



                        • Marco Island, FL:  I received this note from my dear friend Steve:

                        "Good morning my friend.  First thing I did this morning was read your story of the patch - I'm saying yes to walking with Jesus and I know you and JoAnn will always be there with me."


                        • Marco Island, FL:  This beautiful woman and dear friend Nancy saw me taking a picture with Antonio at da Vinci's restaurant on 12/1/23.  She asked what we were holding up?  I gave her one of my patches, she read it, and turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  She said "Thank you, I will carry it with me wherever I go."  Another proud Christian.


                        • Marco Island, FL:  Meet Antonio from da Vinci's restaurant, and Marco Island.  A true Christian, I left Tony a patch on 12/1/23 while having dinner and of course paying the bill.  When paying the bill again, he came up to me opened his wallet and said, "Mr. Sergi, I would like to show you something." He pulled out another patch and said he carries it wherever he goes.  God bless you Antonio.



                        • Marco Island, FL: Please meet Aubrey. She is a server at the restaurant Oyster Society on Marco Island. I was there last night 10/25/23 for dinner. After paying the bill and installing one of my patches in the bill fold, Aubrey came back up to the table and asked who gave her the patch. She then showed us the patch I gave her 3 years ago. She has kept it with her in her wallet and takes it with her wherever she goes. I did give her a new patch.  

                          Another strong Christian.

                        • Elkhorn, WI: My Chiropractic in Elkhorn Wisconsin is a strong Christian. When I saw him in December 2022, I gave Ken Schenk one of my patches. When I went back this week June 9th, he asked me if I had additional patches that he might be able to give out as well. I just dropped off a dozen new patches. Jesus at work again.
                        Update from Ken Schenk, October 2023:  Ken called me today and told me he ran out of patches again. See, Ken is a true Disciple of Jesus and has been giving out "Patches for Jesus" for the last two years.  So, I stopped by his office and dropped off another 25 patches to him, he continues to plant the seeds for Jesus.  God Bless Him.


                        • Wheaton, IL: I was at Ditka's restaurant in Wheaton with my wife, son, and daughter in law and our server's name was Ashley.  I put one of my patches in the billfold like I always do, and as we were leaving Ashley came up to the four of us in tears. She told us she has been struggling and God sent us to her that evening.  She came up to thank us for giving her the patch and it touched her heart.


                        • Marco Island, FL: I paid the bill at the DaVinci’s Restaurant and like I always do, I put a patch inside the credit card billfold from the restaurant. When we left the waiter came out and caught me before I got into my car to thank me for the blessing. He said he was going to put it in his wallet.

                        • Elmhurst, IL: I had paid the bill at the Francisca Restaurant and of course put a patch in the credit card holder and left it on the table. We left and walking down the street, the waiter and his wife came running after us, yelling “sir, sir!” At first, I thought my credit card was declined, but no - he told me thank you for the blessing, him and his wife have been speaking about starting their own ministry. They said they feel this was a sign for them to move ahead with their ministry.


                        • Everglade City, FL: I was at the Rod and Gun Club for lunch out on the patio, and when checking out I asked the young lady if she was a Christian, and she said yes. With that I gave her one of my patches. She said please wait here, she went back into the restaurant and brought back another patch. It seems when I was there before I left her a patch and she didn’t know where it came from, she said she keeps it with her everywhere she goes, she also asked if she could keep the other patch to give to her friend.


                        • Milwaukee, WI: I was at the airport getting my shoes shined and I thought the man was a Christian, I was right. I started to discuss Jesus with him and gave him a patch. He asked if he could mount it to his shoeshine stand and I told him Jesus would love that. Two months later when I was back at the airport, I went by his stand and there it still was.

                        • St. Louis, MO: I had to take a Lyft from the airport to my destination, and I started a conversation with Lorrain the driver. I was able to see that she needed someone to talk to and I asked her if she knew Jesus. I then gave her my patch. From there, we started to talk, and for the next 45 mins we talked about her family and her God. When I was getting out I gave her my EM address. She called me and told me she taped the patch up to her dashboard for everyone to see. She said I was her angel set to her. I still talk to this beautiful lady.

                        • Marco Island, FL: I was in a Walgreens on the island and at the pharmacy counter, wearing my Jesus hat. When the young girl behind the counter came up to me, she said she loved my hat, but with that she told me that she had something better. She then reached down and grabbed her ID tag and turned it around and showed me my patch, she said wasn’t this great. I looked at it, then reached into my pocket and showed her my patch, and she began to scream. She called me the patch man, she said I ask God to send you to me, and he did. It turns out I was in the store a year earlier and spoke with this young lady and left her a patch when she walked away. I went back the next day and left her one of my hats.

                        • Marco Island, IL: I was at the restaurant called Bistro Chalet and of course when I was leaving, I also left one of my patches for the bartender. When he saw it, he came to our table and told me I gave him one last year and he keeps it at his bedside and reads it every night before going to bed.


                        • St. Louis, MO: Having dinner in a restaurant and after paying the bill, I put a patch into the billfold of the waiter. For some reason we stayed a little longer at the table and the waiter came back to our table and asked if one of us left this for him. I told him it was me. He said I gave him one last year and do I mine that if he kept this patch also and give it to his wife. He then told me a story which brought tears to all of us at the table. He told me that he and his wife were having marital issues last year when I gave him the patch, he said the patch saved his marriage. See he went home and showed the patch to his wife and told her this is a sign from Jesus, this a blessing that Jesus is talking to us. He said his marriage is doing very well today and wanted to thank me for the patch. I told him it was all Jesus, I’m only doing his work that he is instructing me to do.

                        • Elkhorn, WI: Letter from a young Girl who is a part time server at a local restaurant. She wrote to me. Mr. Sergi I just got into my car after a long 14 hour day of work and I saw your patch. Made me think of you and your wonderful wife and how much I appreciate both of you. I hope you two are doing well, miss you both dearly. Also, I have kept every single one of those patches you have given me. I pass them along when I go out to eat, it’s a great reminder that some folks need to have. Thank you so much.

                        • Marco Island, FL: I was out to dinner with a few of my friends and when we asked for the check, of course I reached for a patch, and to my surprise the other three men at the table I was having dinner with all showed me their wallets which they all were carry a patch. I told them they were all planting seeds just like me.

                        • Glen Ellyn, IL: I needed to go to the hardware store to pick up a few items, which of course I left a patch at the register when leaving. Now being me, I needed to go back two more times and each time I left a patch and each time the patch I left was gone. I know someone out there is feeling better today.

                        • St. Louis, MO: I was doing some business in St. Louis and staying at the same hotel. One of the first times staying there I saw a homeless man in the lobby. It was a cold morning, so I asked him to come into the restaurant for breakfast. I gave instructions that if he comes back again that I would pay for his breakfast again. I also spent many nights over the next few months going to eat at that restaurant and kept giving my patches out to all the employees who were also strong Christians. Just spreading his word.


                        • Elkhorn, WI: I was at the local grocery store and when checking out I gave the women one of my patches, she said thank you for the blessing and asked if she could tape it to the register for everyone to see. What a strong faith she has.


                        • Naples, FL: My cousin George LaVerde has become a very strong Christian. George has also given away over 200 patches himself. He called me to tell me this story. George was checking out of the Lowes store and when paying the women behind the counter spotted the patch he had in his wallet. She said “sir, where did you get that patch?” She reached down and opened her purse and pulled out her patch. She told George that a man was in here last year and left it on her counter when leaving, she keeps it with her everywhere she goes. She ask George if he was that man, George proceeded to tell her it was his cousin, she said to please thank him for the blessing.


                        • Harbor Island, Bahamas: JoAnn and I were in a restaurant, and we just so happen starting speaking to the manager. When leaving, he brought us the check and thanked us for coming in. I then paid the bill and left him a patch. From there, I went to the restroom and when leaving we were stopped on the patio by Julian the manager. He said he was looking for us on the beach and couldn’t find us. I asked what was wrong? He reached into his shirt and pulled out his cross, he said he was a Christian and want to thank me for leaving him the patch. He said it was very moving to him, and then told me, “You know what? I’m going to start wearing my cross outside my shirt from now on.”


                        • Denver, CO: The daughter of a friend of mine has a patch hanging in her bedroom.


                        • Spain: Travelled to Spain for a wedding and I was having dinner with a very dear friend of mine, Maria Jesus. When I was paying the dinner bill, I always insert a patch with the bill. She saw the patch and asked if she could have one for herself.

                        Update from Maria:  I told my daughter the story of the patches. She was impressed!! When I gave the patch Dominic gave me for her, she began to cry a lot. Something happened. That’s a big blessing. I just want you to know. She is very grateful to you.