Dan Sergi

We have another Patch Leader out there spreading His word and handing out our Patches!  My brother Dan Sergi, another strong Christian, is also sending us his testimonials!


  • Mayo Clinic:  This is Laverne - my optic retina technician at Mayo Clinic.  She is a deep believer in our Lord.




  • Mayo Clinic:  This is Maryanne - she is the cashier at Mayo Clinic cafeteria.  I give her a patch every time I'm here.  She said that she is praying for me and she gives out the patches to those people who come into the Mayo cafeteria that are in such need of prayers for healing.  I'll plan to give her a bag of patches when I'm back here next week!




  • Mayo Clinic:  I'm up at Mayo and saw the doorman/car valet, whose name is Mick.  I see him each time I'm up and I gave him one of the patches last time here... just two weeks ago, but I had forgotten I gave it to him.  He is a strong Christian.  I could see that again today as he was helping me with my bags.  So I offered him a patch (again...haha) and sure enough he turned around his employee name tag holder and he already had one tucked in on the reverse side.  I gave him 5 more as he wanted to give one to his kids.  He was very appreciative and says he carries the Jesus patch and his scapula from grammar school with him.