Dr. Ken

We are dedicating a special section of the Patches for Jesus website to our friend Dr. Ken Schenk from Elkhorn, WI. 

Dr. Ken, a dedicated Christian, has been giving out our patches for the last 2-3 years.  I asked him to start sending us pictures of the people he is helping bring to Jesus.  It is wonderful how the work of our Lord is spreading!  God bless you, Ken.


  • Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken and I took a new photo together with one on the patches when I saw him this week.  It's great to have fellowship with him as he is such a strong Christian.  We're delighted to see how many patches he's giving out to members of the community in and out of his chiropractic office.




  • Elkhorn, WI:  Remember Dr. Ken gave one of our patches to Ava Hanssen of Ava Hanssen Racing?!  Well she's wearing it on her team racing suit - thanks, Ava!




  • Waukegan, IL:  Dr. Ken gave out some of our patches this weekend at the "BARS Let's Go Racing Motorsports & Classic Car Show" on Saturday, April 20th.




  • Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken gave one of our patches to Ava Hanssen of Ava Hanssen Racing!  




  • Lake Geneva, WI:  Dr. Ken attended the "We Are Messengers" concert at Lakeland Church on 4/5.  He said, "I handed out about 10 patches, and they were all GRATEFUL for your patch!"  Here he is with some of the other concert goers!





  • Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken keeps spreading the Lord's word.  This time on Easter Sunday 3/31/24 - here he is with his Dad Bill and Step Mom Cindy!




    • Elkhorn, WI:  Dr. Ken is on fire bringing more people to Jesus!  Here he is with Tiffany.  Thank you, Dr. Ken!




    • Elkhorn, WI:  Here is Dr. Ken with Debbie, to whom he recently gave one of our patches.