My Story

My name is Dominic M. Sergi, and here is my story on how the “Patch for Jesus” came to be. But before I begin, let me say that I have felt the Holy Spirit next to me my complete life, since I was a child. I have felt him there protecting me and guiding me. Now he is hitting me in the back of the head and sending me in directions I never thought I would see myself.

My story starts out when I was traveling through the airport in Atlanta, Georgia. I needed to switch terminals to catch my next flight, but of course I needed to use the restroom. Now I was in a hurry, so I passed up the first two that I saw but when I came upon the 3rd I couldn’t wait any longer, so I walked in. To my surprise, there was no one in the room. Just me with this very large restroom.. so I really had my pick of the facilities. Well, I walked up to the one in the center and there in front of me was a small piece of cardboard that someone tore off from a box, and this person hand wrote on the cardboard “Say yes to Jesus. Jesus said yes to us all on the cross. Please do it now not later.” That was September 1st, 2021. After I  read this I looked up to Jesus and said, “you are good, I mean really good.” This was all planned out. So, I took pictures of the patch and left it right where I found it in hopes someone else would be moved like I was.
Now when I returned home, I just couldn’t get this patch out of my head. Again, the Holy Spirit hitting me in the back of the head to do something.. but what, I asked?  So, I told my wife JoAnn the story of what happened to me, and the gift I have been given. She asked, "what are you going about it?" I told her I really don’t know.  She then looked at me and said, "why don’t you make your own patch?" Well, after about 2 weeks I came up with my own patch, and since then I have given out more than 2000 patches.
My hope is this Patch has brought comfort to those in need, but most importantly it has brought Jesus into their hearts and lives, now they will spread his word. 
Remember what Jesus said, “Go Out And Tell The World About Me”.